White Hot Inspiration Trio

After decades of studying how personal growth and transformation is achieved both personally and with others, one key principle stands out for me above all the rest. The vast majority of us do not achieve sustained and consistent growth on our own. We need one or more persons who care about us not only to support us but also to hold us accountable. We need that person or persons to champion us and our exercise of free will towards our journey to the WHITE HOT. Without it, we will have a very difficult time not only in keeping the momentum going forward consistently but also in overcoming the major obstacles that will likely block our progress.

Another important principle is that we generally receive the most as we give and learn the most as we teach and share and receive the most inspiration and guidance when gratitude is in our hearts daily. Giving, receiving and thanking generate the flow in our lives that leads to the WHITE HOT.

We have developed over the last several years what I consider to be the best process available not only to give us the support and accountability we need but also it enables to take that fifth step consistently to promote our own and others’ success. That process is “the secret sauce” behind successfully discovering and pursuing YOUR WHITE HOT.

With students, it is composed of a group of three students and one mentor who meet weekly over the phone for one hour. With adults already working in the marketplace, the group is composed of three individuals meeting on a conference call for one hour a week. Both need training in the process for it to work. The idea is simple. On the surface, a one hour weekly investment doesn’t seem like it could have a significant impact. In fact, those weekly calls have been and continue to be transformative if all present are committed to: (1) following the process weekly, (2) fulfilling their  dynamic roles in the calls and (3) helping the other members to discover and live their WHITE HOT. The “secret” to the magical sauce is the process that takes place in each call and how the structure of the call changes from week to week.

I originally called these groups U3 Power Groups because they provided the power to move each member forward towards living his or her dream career. But the name didn’t capture the real purpose and benefits; the group wasn’t just about giving members more power. I changed the title to White Hot Incubator Group, but what happens inside these groups is more active and dynamic than what generally happens in an incubator. You might, however, see or hear that term elsewhere on the web site, including in one or more of the video or audio clips. I recently changed the title again because I wanted a better description of the process in the name. Here is the new title: White Hot Inspiration Trios or “WHITs” for short.

WHITs create the “ecosystem” where clarity, growth and synergy can grow and ultimately flourish. While the members are immersed in coaching each other to living their WHITE HOT, key skills are developed and refined such as relating well to and influencing all personality types, listening skills, oral communication skills, coaching skills, goal setting and achieving skills. WHITs are incubators not only for the emergence of the WHITE HOT and but also for future leaders because they learn the skillsets that are valuable in any industry that involves people.

Our vision for the future is that any committed students or adults in the marketplace have the opportunity to experience WHITs to help them discover and pursue their WHITE HOT and become the leaders that will inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

If you are seriously interested in joining a WHIT, please e-mail us for an application at We will send you the application and the terms and conditions necessary to be a member of one of these amazing groups. Only a small number of openings are available at this time. We intend to expand the number of these groups exponentially as demand and capacity increase and the infrastructure for scaling the program is completed.

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