The Five Steps to Living Your White Hot Dream Career

  1. Learn your “DNA”— Drives, Needs and Aptitudes — what makes you tick and the unique value you bring to the table. You can learn what your DNA blend is by going to and registering to take the DNA Torque Personality Profile. The profile generally takes less than ten minutes to complete, but don’t worry if you take more time. Follow the instructions because they are critical to achieving an accurate assessment.
  2. Discover your “White Hot”. The length and nature of this process is as unique as you are. Take time to reflect on aspects of jobs or projects where you felt “on fire” with enthusiasm. When a subject comes up that gets you fired up or a web site or a service project or any type of event, write it down and reflect on what got you so excited. Tap into the “white hot” inside you that is connected with your unique purpose in life. Your “white hot” is something you love so much you’d do it for free (although not required) and is something that is bigger than you—it benefits and blesses the lives of many. If hunger for fame, adoration, wealth, etc. is the motivator behind your career choice, it is not your “white hot”.  We have designed the model and process to optimize your ability to accomplish this step. We call them White Hot Inspiration Trios (“WHITs”).
  3. Chart and navigate the path from where you are to your White Hot based on your DNA. Design the path so it plays to your strengths and have others help you in the areas where you are weak. Find people who will hold you accountable while giving you unconditional support and clear feedback. Do the same for them. Being in a WHIT with two other students and a marketplace mentor will help you to design and follow the path to your White Hot.
  4. Remove or dissolve the obstacles that block our path to living our WHITE HOTWe will inevitably confront both external and internal resistance as we move towards our “white hot” career. In a very real sense, we will be tested on how committed we are to going down the path to living our dream–our white hot. External resistance comes from all sources–friends, family, even the media. Others may tell you that changing your direction is not practical and that you will fail. Or they may say it doesn’t make money. Or you may be told you are crazy or stupid to waste your time doing something so different than what they had in mind for you. We need to move through the resistance by getting the support and feedback of those who believe in our achieving our dream. But there are also internal beliefs and fears that will block our progress–things we tell ourselves in our head or just feel. These conflicting beliefs and fears are false but they strongly influence our thoughts and actions (or inaction). These fears and beliefs need to be dissolved. We have the “know how” to help you dissolve external and internal resistance and move boldly ahead to living your dream.
  5. Break past the inevitable dip. Your desire to live your passion will not be easy. Internal and external resistance will likely block or impede you from moving forward and upward. Keys to helping you break through the resistance are learning to give, receive and thank and doing all daily at continually deeper levels. These practices open you up to the inspiration that will bring you the power and ideas that will get you past the dip. To move forward and upward, you need a sharp WHIT. WHITs are an exceptional process for implementing these keys. WHITs bring people into your life that can and will help you dissolve or overcome this resistance as you help fellow group members to remove their resistance and experience success.