What does “white hot” mean in the context of choosing a career?

Picture a large bonfire on the beach. Imagine how hot the embers are at the bottom of the fire. They are “red hot”. Take the heat and intensity up a notch and focus it so that it can burn through steel. That is “white hot.” A “white hot” career is one that ignites a blaze inside your soul. You feel “on fire” as you do it because you love it so much and are naturally so good at it. Your white hot career will be so engaging and fun that hours go by but it will seem like minutes. There is a career for you that can create that kind of impact inside of you. We help you discover it and give you the resources, support and tools to turn it into a reality.

What is a White Hot Inspiration Trio or “WHIT”?

A White Hot Inspiration Trio (“WHIT”) is the secret sauce to the formula for discovering and pursuing a “white hot” career. It consists of three members (the “Trio”) and a mentor-who is generally Troy Tate. They meet once a week for one hour on the phone and follow a proprietary process that accelerates the progress of each member of the group towards helping each discover their true self and the “white hot” career that aligns with their true selves. We know of no other process that gets a greater return on the investment of time and energy than a WHIT.

Why did you call the program you created to help people discover and pursue a white hot career “The Missing Step”?

You probably have heard infomercials on the radio or television or internet that tell you they have a simple proven formula for success in real estate, or the stock market, or sales, or some other field. They claim no special education or experience is necessary. Yet, an average of 90 percent of those who pay the money to attend the workshop never achieve success with that formula? Why? Were they lazy or incompetent? The answer is that these multi-step formulas ignore and disregard the most important step to determine whether it can be successful. The missing step is “you” — your DNA, your personality, your experience, your passions and your fears. The Missing Step has “you” as the foundation for discovering and successfully pursuing a career that is purposeful and successful. It helps you understand your personality, drives, needs, aptitudes, as well as your core “passions” — what lights that fire in you.

If I picked the wrong career and all my education, training and experience is geared towards that career, what do I do?

Find the way to discover and pursue a different path. The price you pay for not changing, for enduring the stress, frustration and boredom of a career that you hate or even mildly dislike is too high. It impacts your health, your relationships, your success in other areas. It drains your energy and keeps you imprisoned in a comfort zone that is not really “comfortable”. It doesn’t mean necessarily that you immediately quit your job. You can start with finding out what is the right path and then design a way for it to come into your life gradually. I had a client who was a fireman but discovered he really loved helping people with their finances. His transition took several years but beginning the transition gave purpose to his life and helped him get through the rough times. He now is a full time financial planner and wealth advisor. He absolutely loves it.

How long will it take to discover my “white hot”? How long will it take to become a full time career?

There is no way of predicting. For some it will come very quickly and others it will take years. The journey to it can be as fun as pursuing it, however. Your path will be as unique as your DNA but I promise you if you use the tools offered in The Missing Step audio program and become part of a Soul Actualization Group, you will speed up the process and increase your likelihood of success dramatically.

What about taking a vocational profile offered by a career center at my college? Won’t that be easier to help me choose my optimal career?

Taking a profile and looking at the results is easy. Will it help you choose a good career? Perhaps, but those profiles suggest a variety of careers. Based on the anecdotal research I have done, only a few of the thousands I talked to found their dream career through a vocational profile.

A “White Hot” career is one that is totally connected with your individual purpose and is aligned not only with your personality and strengths, but also with your heart and mind. It freely flows from your connecting with your original soul blueprint. No vocational profile that I am aware of specifies the career that aligns best with your personality, mind, heart and soul. Finding your optimal niche career is experiential and generally requires a discovery process with feedback from those who know and love you. That is what White Hot Inspiration Trios (“WHITs”) provide.

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