The Missing Step

Confused? Stuck? Burnt out? Unsure about your job, career or retirement? You are at a crossroads and the best way forward requires your having complete and clear directions.

Up until now, the “simple” and “proven” formulas offered to free you from the “9 to 5 grind” or the purposelessness of “retirement” leave out the most critical ingredient. They offer pain relief in the guise of more money and freedom, but you are the essential ingredient that these formulas ignore. You are The Missing Step.

Finally, there is a program that can take you from where you are to where most people never get to: doing something you enjoy so much, and that’s so purposeful, that work seems like play.

If you’re ready to create the future of your dreams based on who you are rather than following yet another generic “proven” formula promising wealth and success, then this program is for you. We stand behind The Missing Step to make sure you’re not just satisfied, but enthused about what the program helps you to achieve.

Price: $199.00


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