A Preview of What's to Come

Thank you for visiting this preview page for the upcoming website!

What does it mean to "LIVE YOUR WHITE HOT"? Click on the six minute audio below to find out. Troy L Tate unveils why our team is so excited about sharing it with everyone and the amazing outcomes this program helps create for our clients.

What led Troy L. Tate to create the Live Your White Hot program? Watch the two minute video below to get the story.

How can I get started without obligation or commitment until I know it is right for me?
Complete the DNA Personality Profile, where you learn what is your unique blend of [D]rives, [N]eeds and [A]ptitudes - your "DNA". The adult profile can be found here and the student profile (for anyone in college or vocational school or who has recently graduated or attended college or vocational school) can be found here. Either profile generally takes 5 to 10 minutes to complete, and your customized results will be sent to you by email. This is our gift to you.

The official launch of the website is scheduled to occur before JUNE 2014 but the business "is in business" and ready to be of service to you in discovering and pursuing your own individual "white hot". Contact us at